Bexley AC and mental health

Message from Kevin Winch, Mental Heath Ambassador at Bexley AC:

“A lot has changed for us all. You might be isolating at home, or one of our essential workers, not least you might be involved directly in the fight against coronavirus. Wherever or whoever you are, this can have an impact on your mental health wellbeing, and there is support available to help you look after yourself on a daily basis, or to know where to go or if more help is required”.


While there is a lot of information out there, the Club has put together the following list of trusted sites, and we encourage you to take a look and use them.

National Mind – help with looking after your well-being at home, and some tips on fitness:

Your local Mind in Bexley – if you feel you need to contact someone, all the details, including telephone hotline, are here:

Helpful advice about work during this difficult time, from a well-being perspective, it has useful advice for all who are employed (NHS East London):

Young Minds – for parents or youngsters under 25: