The 100 Club

How would you like a chance to win some money and help the Club at the same time?
Well, the Bexley AC 100 Club is just what you are looking for.

The 100 Club was set up several years ago to help raise funds for the Club to assist with items such as transport costs, for example towards the hiring of coaches to take our athletes to events around the country. It has continued to be an important fund raiser for the Club.

**** Monthly Prizes:     £50     £25      £15     £10  ****

October’s draw was held on 10/10/2020 & the winners were:

£50 – P Dyer
£25 – P Higgins
£15 – J Walters
£10 – T Garrett

How does it work?

Every month you buy one or more numbers in the draw for the bargain price of £1 (one pound) each. Your numbers are each represented by a ball and there is a draw each month. The first number (ball) drawn out of the bag receives £50, the second receives £25, the third £15 and the fourth £10. It is as simple as that. You can buy as many balls as you want. The easiest way to get involved is to set up a standing order with your bank and then you are guaranteed to have your numbers in the draw every month.


How to join the 100 Club

Option 1. Get your ball numbers allocated, and then set up a standing order with your bank (easiest done through online banking). The first step is to contact our 100 Club coordinator, Judy Walters (at the following email address) who will allocate your ball numbers, and provide bank details and reference information:

Option 2 (takes longer). Download and print the 100 Club Standing Order mandate (PDF) and once completed, hand it to a member of the Club’s committee, or you can scan and email it to: .
After this is received and processed, Judy will be in touch to allocate your numbers and confirm your place in the monthy draw.

Winners will be notified after each draw and cheques will be posted.


Previous winners:

Sep 2020: £50 - K Burkett   £25 - G Meyler    £15 - D White     £10 - D Colmer
Aug 2020: £50 - K Winfield  £25 - A Whitnell  £15 - J Higgins   £10 - C Pates
Jul 2020: £50 - C Strong    £25 - M Jamieson  £15 - L Legon     £10 - J Freeman
Jun 2020: £50 - R Medley    £25 - R Evans     £15 - C Walters   £10 - T Wardale