Return to Stadium

Instructions to T&F Athletes for return to Stadium.


  • Step 1: Please ensure your membership and key information is up to date (without this we cannot permit you to train with us). 
  • Step 2: Please read and abide by the instructions below to enable us to operate safely.
  • Step 3: Please ensure you know how to purchase a training pass, since we are no longer operating the token purchase system.

The following actions are required to ensure as safe a return as possible for training and using the stadium. Road Runners should refer to the guidance here.

To be admitted to the stadium you must confirm you have read these instructions and you must pre-book your session with your coach.

So please:

  1. Read these instructions carefully and follow the guidance within.
  2. Ensure you book each session you are attending with your coach in advance, as many of you have already been doing, so that we know who to expect for each session at the stadium entry point.

 Entering the stadium

  • Entry to the stadium is via the single metal gate closest to the side of the Leisure Centre only.
  • The exit gate will be the bottom gate leading into the car park.
  • Both gates will have directional signs and containers of hand sanitizer for use by everyone entering and leaving the stadium.
  • Queueing to enter the stadium may take place on the pavement leading to the entry gate at 2 metre intervals.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your session is due to start.
  • A volunteer will be positioned at the gate to check in and admit pre-booked members. Do not come to training if you have any COVID-19 symptoms now, or within the last 14 days, or if you have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • The clubhouse will be closed to members until further notice. Access will only be available to designated Club officials for first aid and administration purposes.

 Your belongings

On entry to the stadium please proceed along the path to the main seating stand and place any belongings (other than spikes and water) under cover on a seat at least 2 vacant seats away from other equipment or spectators.

  • If using your own equipment, this must be sanitised upon arrival at the stadium.
  • Equipment and belongings are left at your own risk and is not the responsibility of the Club or Lex Leisure.
  • Please bring the fewest belongings possible, other than the essentials including your spike bag. You are strongly advised to bring your own water since the clubhouse will not be accessible and no water will be available for purchase.

As a goodwill gesture for missed training, the committee has decided to waive training fees for members until the beginning of October. We hope this provides some level of compensation for the training missed during lockdown, up until the time that some groups were able to restart training off-site during June/July.

During training

  • If possible, it is preferred that parents or spectators do not enter the stadium but, if they need to do so, they should remain in the stand at least 2 vacant seats away form the next person or household and not walk around the track.
  • Please arrive dressed ready to train, as the changing rooms will not be available.
  • Please report to your coach as soon as possible by walking anti-clockwise, or ‘’track wise’’ around the outside of the track.
  • Please maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Warming up jogs should take place outside lane 6 and should be in a left-handed direction round the track, maintaining social distancing.
  • Please avoid shouting in the vicinity of others and, especially, spitting in any part of the stadium.
  • Please only handle your own equipment, such as throwing implement or blocks and return for cleaning at the end of the session.
  • Male and female toilets are available in the changing room block as usual and will have a “one-way system” access into and out of them. Hands should be washed before leaving the toilets.

 After your session

  • Leave any equipment that you have used out for cleaning at the end of the session before being returned to the store.
  • Please exit via the exit gate only, having walked round the outside of the track to retrieve any belongings.


These arrangements are in place to give the greatest practicable protection against COVID-19 transmission. The Club’s management request that all attendees abide by these procedures in order to protect themselves and others.

Bexley AC has prepared this plan in good faith for the purpose of protecting our members returning to the stadium in conjunction with Lex Leisure. The information within it is not exhaustive and Bexley AC accepts no liability for any omissions or for any damages resulting from undertaking activities in the stadium.