Road Running “Grand Prix” 2020

Each year we select a series of races that comprise our Road Running challenge, known as the ‘Grand Prix’.

Road Runners are all invited to enter these races, and your results will be tabulated. Prizes will then be awarded at the annual Presentation Evening, usually held in October.


The 2020 Grand Prix will be similar to last year with some familiar races and some new ones added to the list.

There will be 4 divisions of ability initially based on the coaching groups that people currently run in. Some who are in a Road Running group but well above the ability of the rest of the group will be put in the division above them. This will make it fairer for all. This will be decided by the Road Running Secretary (Alan Wright) and the coach for that runner.

Note: If you are not a regular runner in a Road Running group, then please let me (Alan Wright) know you are taking part and I will put you in an appropriate division.

Awards will be presented for each male winner and each female winner in each division.


  • For each division 10 points will be awarded to the first place Bexley AC athlete, 9 points for second place etc.
  • Gun time race position will be used to calculate points, not chip times (except the marathon)
  • Athletes MUST be running under their own name and MUST be wearing a club vest.
  • All finishing athletes will be awarded a minimum of 1 point
  • To qualify you must compete in a minimum of 5 events from the list below

The Events…

  • Any marathon (last valid marathon date is last race in this list)
  • Any parkrun (last valid parkrun date is last race in this list)
  • Canterbury 10 Mile 26/1/20 – 10:00 £21 affiliated
  • Tenterden 5 Mile 16/2/20 – 10:30 £15 affiliated
  • Dartford Half Marathon 15/3/20 09:30 £25 affiliated
  • Paddock Wood Half Marathon 5/4/20 09:30 £23 affiliated
  • Darent Valley 10k 17/5/20 08:15 £14 affiliated
  • Joydens Woods 5k (May TBD)
  • Harvel 5 Mile 6/6/20 entries on sale February 2nd at 14:00 – usually sells out in less than 30 minutes SOLD OUT
  • Eltham 5 Mile 21/6/20 11:00 £15.68 – £17.85
  • Bewl 15 Mile 5/7/20 10:00 £25 affiliated
  • Herne Bay 10k 12/7/20 10:00 £19 affiliated
  • Badlesmere 10k 6/9/20 10:00 £18 affiliated

Any questions please contact Alan Wright: