Club Organisation

Bexley AC is run by volunteers and is managed by a committee of 13 elected representatives, who are all unpaid volunteers. The committee members manage the Club’s business matters such as the Club facilities, team fixtures, coaching and social events. Full details of the Club organisation are contained in the Club’s constitution and rules, copies of which are available upon request from the committee.


Committee 2021

  • John Gates (President)
  • Samm Crane (Vice President)
  • Laura Crane (Secretary)
  • Brian Crane (Treasurer)
  • Joe O’Hara (Athlete’s Representative)
  • Wendy Masters (Coaching Secretary, Welfare Officer)
  • Paul Dallison (Road Running Secretary)
  • Kevin Winch (Cross Country Secretary, Mental Health Ambassador)
  • Valentina Frimpong (Membership Secretary)
  • Tony Garrett
  • Corinne Crane
  • Tan Truong
  • Jon Armstrong

Team Managers and Secretaries

  • John Gates (Senior Team Manager)
  • Kevin Winch (Cross Country Secretary, National Young Athletes, LYDL joint team manager)
  • Tony Garrett (National Young Athletes, LYDL joint team manager)
  • Karen Winfield OBE (Tigers Coordinator)
  • Richard Long (Welfare Officer)
  • Martin Smith (Masters Male team manager)
  • Sarah Dodds (Masters Female team manager),
  • Andy Whitnell (Masters Male B team manager)
  • Rose Arnold (Social Secretary)