About Us

Welcome to Bexley Athletic Club, a club which is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of athletic facilities for all members of the local community.

The club currently has nearly 500 members from the age of 7 upwards. Many members compete in the club’s league and competition matches, while others provide support for the club and the athletes, such as coaching and maintenance of club facilities.

Details of the club teams, and the leagues and competitions in which they compete, can be found on this web site. As you can see from these details, athletes compete in a wide range of leagues. This means the club is able to provide athletes, of every calibre, with a standard of competition which is right for them.

The successful running of such a large and diverse club involves a great deal of teamwork. We want our athletes to reach their full potential and we recognise the important contribution that our coaches and officials make towards the achievement of this objective. To this end we do assist helpers financially to attend courses, etc, to become UK Athletics qualified Coaches or Officials.