April 2022 News

Let me open this month by saying how great it has been seeing so many of us getting together at various gatherings this month. We had the ‘Sunday Social’ run organised by Richard Long at the Cambridge Harriers Clubhouse, then our ‘Marathon Medal Monday’ where we swapped our running gear and water for jeans and beer (in most cases). Finally, we had our bimonthly ‘Bexley AC Time Trial’ from the clubhouse. There’s such a great buzz when we can all get together irrelevant of groups. Look forward to more in the future.

Our Time Trial results are up for view, as are the race results for April. We had national and international events featured across the results and over 20 of you took part in anything from 10 miles up to marathons this month. Well Done to you all.

ONE WEEK LEFT! For those of you who are trying to persuade a friend or family member to take up running, or if you want to come along and help out – our beginners course kicks off again on the 8th May and runs for 10 weeks. Entrants can find more details HERE and if you want to help, just drop me a message or email.

Are you participating in the Grand Prix, or interested to run with other club members in some up-coming local events? Next months Maidstone 10 mile is coming up, followed by a Wednesday evening 10km in Bromley and July coastal 10km at Herne Bay. Full details and entry links can be found HERE.

If you are over 35 years old and have an interest in more athletic events, why not consider joining our Masters Team? Looking for members to join both the ladies and the mens teams covering short and long distances, throwing and Jumps – there’s something for everyone. If you’re interested please reach out to Sarah Dodds, Martin Smith or Andy Whitnell. First match is on the 9th May at Sutcliffe Park.

I think over the past 2 years I have probably covered most topics that I can think of when writing these little monthly updates. Primarily, I started them to keep people focused and involved during the pandemic lockdown, and I hope that it did the trick. As the club have now a much sharper and rounded monthly newsletter offering, I’ll keep sharing information, dates and race results but maybe not in a monthly bulletin format. It’s been fun, but I don’t want to go round in circles and start repeating things (that would make me no better than Runners World magazine!)

Looking forward to some up-coming bank holidays in May and June too – hopefully we’ll get some nice weather and be able to enjoy them! Take it easy and see you all soon.

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary

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