March 2022 News

As you read this, just like me you’re looking ahead to Easter, marathon season, clocks going forward and lighter evenings!

This month we had a great turn out for Bexley AC team at the Dartford Half – despite it’s undulating course, there were 14 of us who took on the challenge and completed the route. Full results can be found HERE.

There was also the club organised International Woman’s Day run, where Jodie Harvey hosted the ladies from all of our groups on a 5 mile route.

For those of you who are trying to persuade a friend or family member to take up running, or if you want to come along and help out – our beginners course kicks off again on the 8th May and runs for 10 weeks. Entrants can find more details HERE and if you want to help, just drop me a message or email, since we do need several volunteers in order for the course to be effective.

Do you ever take a minute before a run to think about your goal? What do you want to achieve, or what’s the point of this session? Take a recovery run, when you finish – do you feel recovered? Or an easy run, make sure you keep the focus on your run remaining easy and follow your plan. The runs you have with the club are going to be structured and coached in order to take this added effort away from you – your coach will explain the session, the route and you will know what benefit you get from it at the end. On your own it’s a lot tougher to slip into bad habits, so do try to focus on your objective – this will make your training schedule a lot easier to follow. If you’re not following a “plan” this should still apply, give yourself enough recovery or easy runs to balance with your training sessions and/or long runs. It is really important to know what your running session/goal is – even if you just finish work and decide to head out for an hour. Give yourself a goal and try to pursue it during your run. Check in every so often to see if you’re committing to your session, otherwise you’ll get to the end and may miss the whole point of why you went out in the first place.

Sad news – Due to fixture congestions on local race calendars, Danson Park availability and track events it is with regret that I have to announce there will be no Myra Garrett 10km and Fun Run this year.

Final note, don’t forget to put your clocks forward this Saturday night/Sunday morning – let British Summertime begin!

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary

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