Strap in! We’ve got a lot happening this month, so turn off the telly, pick up your cuppa, get comfortable and away we go!

Beginning with beginners! The latest Beginners Group has been scheduled in to start at 10am on the 10/10 and runs for 10 weeks! That’s well planned isn’t it. If you’re aware of anyone wanting to join – or if you can help out with any of the sessions, then read on.

The course details and registration is all found on the website here:

For each session we just need runners to come along and partake, chatting with the beginners, encouraging them and generally just being your usual smiley-selves! If you want to help out then please email me ( your name and phone number and I’ll add you to the whatsapp group for the beginners coaches. There’s no pressure to commit to all weeks, just when you can would be great. After the first few weeks we add a mid-week session too, allowing the group to have an extra session

Cross Country – there are still a couple of days left to check and get registered on the team for this year. It’s not about how fast you can run, it’s just a real feel good day to get out in your Bexley vest, run up and down hills and probably get muddy whilst doing it!

If the getting muddy bit isn’t your scene, then what about helping out? Bexley host the Danson Park event on Saturday 14th November and we need a team of volunteers on the day to help through from set up through to marshalling and close down.

More details and to register please check the Cross Country link here:

September Race Results – There’s 1 more weekend for events this month, so please don’t forget to send in your race details and we’ll get these collated onto the race table:

Survey Feedback – Thank you all for your time to complete the survey last month, gave me some good insight into what you wanted and how you want to see things progress. Here’s a snapshot of the results and some future plans to tie in with these.

Time Trial – This was a very split result. It was practically a 3 way split between the options of a full return to the Erith (clubhouse) route, keeping the current course and alternating between the 2. This does please me to see that so many people are passionate about the monthly time trial and see the value in doing this each month.

So from October, we will run the original Bexley 3 mile time trial every other month. With your current 5km route being used on the other alternating month. To mark the return, please can I ask everyone to wear their club vest on the October time trial and we’ll get a great photo of all participants before we start. Anyone not running who wants to help out on the night, please come along too.

Training sessions meeting points – Over 50% of you gave your view that meeting anywhere in the Borough was suitable, then 30% followed up with a compromise of meeting once at the clubhouse and once elsewhere. There are then also some situations where either runners or coaches HAVE to be at the track due to other commitments, and it’s unfair for them to miss out on sessions. Due to this, there will be no change in how sessions are planned currently by your group leaders/coaches. Where possible though, each week should have 1 if not both sessions going from the track/clubhouse.

With this in mind, please check if your coach wants to meet actually inside the grounds or out on Avenue Road – and please comply with track rules (check-in, wristband, etc) when on the premises.

Social Events – Now we see who you really are! Really pleased to see that 95% of you want to have some form of social event outside of your weekly runs. I’d like to get a few of you together as a Social Committee in order to put this in place, perhaps starting with a Christmas event of some kind. If you’re interested in helping out – please email me ( and I’ll put you together with other like minded party animals to get planning! Looking forward to it!

Helping out at the Club – The last question was not asking what the club could do for you, but what you could do for the club. Again, I was really pleased to see that 80% of you gave some form of response leaning towards either finding out more of what’s on offer, or going ahead and showing an interest with helping out. I know some of you already do, and that’s amazing – last weekend we hosted a Mixed Championship event, every Tuesday and Thursday someone has to man registration, there’s the clubhouse café/shop that is open whenever the track is (Sunday mornings for Tigers on-top of the week sessions). Already above I mentioned the Beginners Group and the XC at Danson Park and these are all covered usually by a core of people who would love to share their knowledge and experience with you, to build the next crop of Club supporters. Look out for more details to follow.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Returning to the Clubhouse/Track – So I have mentioned above the growing return to using the track/clubhouse and just want to put down a few reminders for you when there.

Check-in and wear your wristband whist there

Be considerate – some people are still cautious about close contact, so allow people space, don’t all congregate in the clubhouse if it’s busy.

Don’t turn up to use the track outside of your groups allocated day.

If warming up before a session, please still to the outside lane or path around the track whilst other groups are using it.

If you make a mess, tidy it up.

Time Trial – I mentioned earlier that we will begin to use the old route from October, but if you’d rather still do your current route, this is fine. Please time yourself and send in your time as you would now so that we can still log it. Tracking your progress is key to show improvement. This is the point of the TT, and we want to see you all exhibit your full potential.

Lots to digest this month, I hope to hear from some of you for the opportunities that have cropped up. Have a good month, and look out for more information to follow.

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary

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