It’s Bank Holiday Monday – our last one before Christmas so I hope you all got to relax and enjoy it. Marking the end of summer holidays, and for those with children it’s the last few days now to make sure uniform and shoes fit, that the packed lunch box was emptied since they left school in July and trying to put their sleeping plan back to some kind of normal!

With the fresh start in mind I want to get some fresh perspective from you all this month on a few topics that I have discussed with some coaches and runners in the last few weeks. I have created a short survey that I hope you can all complete, allowing me to gauge feelings over the following subjects:

Time Trial

Some love it, some not so much. Either way, used correctly the time trial is a great way of testing yourself monthly to see how your running is coming along. Since COVID-19, each group has set up a new route that has been used for over a year now – but prior to this we used to all run together from the clubhouse on a 3 mile route. Numbers often vary for attendance on these sessions (both at the clubhouse, and in the new locations), some people like the new routes and others have asked when will we return to the original route. It would be interesting to know your view on preference as to where we hold these going forward.

Group Meeting Locations

We are Bexley AC, home is Erith Stadium. Meeting at the clubhouse for runs used to happen for 80% of the runs – with summer allowing us to meet elsewhere when the light allowed us to use parks and other open spaces for our runs. We are now meeting in more varied locations around the borough and the stadium/track attendance is more limited to the Track and Field teams, with the exception of 1 track session for each group per month. Some people have children who meet at the track, or live locally so joined the club for the convenience of location – others prefer the variety of running in new places. I’d like to know what you think on this topic.

Social Events

I want everyone to feel that Bexley AC is more than just a place to run for 2 hours a week. Of course it is that primarily, but what else can we offer? It’s great to meet people from other groups, get together away from club nights and share other common interests. Perhaps you have a passion that you’d like to share, or get others involved in? In addition to answering this question, if you’d like to help organise social events, I’d love you to get in contact with me too.

Volunteering/Helping out

The club is run by members volunteering their own time. Often it is the same people doing way more than they should/need to – just because it needs doing. Sometimes you don’t realise that there are jobs done that you could help with. I would like to know if some of our Road Runners have time and interest in giving back to the club by helping out at events, registrations at the track, coaching, etc. There is no pressure, even if you would simply like a bit more information. Again, please drop me an email if you want to know more.

Survey link:

I will leave this open for a few weeks, then review the response and summarises them for the coaches and all of you next month. Please complete by the 20th September.

Anyone wanting to contact me can

A good response rate will really let us know what you all want and how the club can feature Road Runners alongside the T&F teams.

With that in mind, some more fantastic race results this month – well done to everyone who proudly represented the club by running in your club colours at the following races:

Sorry it’s taken so long with regards to training t-shirts but I’m almost certain that we’ll be taking orders this month. Final details to follow.

So that’s it for this month, keep up with your training and let’s look forward to what September brings!

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary


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