I hope this message arrives finding you well as we draw to another month end, a day closer to “Freedom Day”, a step nearer to normality!

And of course, a step closer to England v Germany at Wembley – I wonder who won’t be at training next Tuesday evening (sheepishly puts hand up…) This is Time Trial Tuesday too, so if like me you’re not going to make it, then do find some other time in the week to complete your 5k run and send in your times.

I’ll start as usual with the important club messages – then drift into the usual waffle, depending on what comes to mind in the next 10 minutes or so.

Tokens – For those that still have these rattling about, we won’t be taking these anymore as of 30th June and from July you will need to have a training pass to join your groups.

Track sessions – Thanks everyone for being so understanding over the past few months with meeting away from the club, it’s been a real help in allowing the Track & Field teams to get back up to speed. In your schedules from July onwards we’ll have 1 session per group per month down at the track, and Laura and Nick will be coaching these. From there, if you’ve got an interest then the plan is to build a kind of hybrid team of Road Runners who can participate for the club in track events.

Races – It’s about time that we started to remind people that Bexley AC exists, so I’m thinking that it would be great to fly the Bexley AC Flag again at 1 or 2 local races coming up. I hope that we can get together and put on a good show, let me suggest these 2 for starters:

Joydens 5km – Wednesday 28th July (http://dartfordroadrunners.co.uk/joydens-wood)
Dartford Bridge 10km – Sunday 26th September (http://www.bridgetriathlon.co.uk/race-calendar/dartford-bridge-10k)

Please do sign up soon – they will sell out due to a limited number of entries available.

Race Results – If you’ve completed a race or 2 this month, do send in the details and we can publish this alongside the other results from this month.

Beginners Group – We’re half way through and the guys and gals are doing fantastic! We hope to see a few of them joining and becoming full members of the Club at the end of this – they’re so supportive of each other and really do try hard every week to build up their stamina during the sessions.

Now this month I treated you to my mid-month musing, but it seems to be to the detriment of now finding something to say now – much like my running currently! Since we came out of lockdown I was entering races and getting out as much as possible, but now I’m knackered. The body has finally said enough is enough and thankfully rather than getting an injury, I just really flagged mid-run at the weekend and it’s helped to make my mind up that I’m going to do a dry-ish July. With the exception of a race at the beginning and the end, I’m going to just do training sessions and maybe 1 other run in the week.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, it’s one of those things that giving advice from experience is all well and good, but sometimes you need to listen to your own advice. So yes, happy to have a few minimal weeks in July – recharge and as Frankie says, RELAX.

Wishing you a great weekend, whether you are training, racing or resting. Good luck and have fun.

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary