Starting from Thursday 1st July we will be changing our procedures for member registration at the Stadium, so please read the following carefully.


The registration desk will be moved from its current location (next to the Leisure Centre) to the Clubhouse on the opposite side of the track. At the present time registration will still take place outdoors, since indoor numbers are still limited. When government restrictions are relaxed, we intend to return to using the desk inside the Clubhouse, at which point you will also be able to purchase drinks, snacks and Club merchandise.


Every athlete (inlcuding guests), every coach and every volunteer will be required to register their attendance prior to participating in each session. This ensures that we know who is onsite using the track & field facilities, and to enable us to verify that the correct training pass has been purchased by athletes, as appropriate. In order to facilitate this, each individual will be issued with a specific coloured recyclable wristband for each session to signify that registration has taken place. These wristbands should be made visible to coaches and Club officials, and should be disposed of at home or carefully in a stadium waste bin after each session.

Membership photocards

To help speed up the registration process, we will soon be providing personalised membership photocards for our regular track and field athletes. These cards will contain a unique code that will be scanned during registration. These will be issued over the coming weeks and will make your registration easier and faster for each session. Please ensure you have a clear and recent photograph on your membermojo page. This should be similar in style to a passport photo – head and shoulders only with a light background. Useful tip for photos can be found here: You can use your smartphone or computer to update your membership photo using the following link: Also, if you haven’t already done so, please set up a password on your membermojo account as it makes future access much easier.


As a reminder please note that from 30th June we will no longer be accepting plastic training tokens. T&F athletes please ensure you have purchased a valid monthly training pass before arriving at the stadium (this is the most cost effective option for the majority of athletes). Alternatively you can purchase a day pass upon registration. More details about training passes can be found here: Training passes for July 2021 are now available in the membership online store.

Thank you for your attention and your co-operation.

Bexley AC Committee
21st June 2021