We are pleased to announce that the Club will officially return to Erith Stadium this Thursday, 15th April, following the latest Government lockdown. Training for Tigers (and Sunday morning opening) will commence from 25th April.

While our Road Running section has been back in action since late March, and will continue to train away from the track for now, this is the first time that our Track and Field athletes will be able to get together at our home ground since December. We are sure that many of our members will be delighted with this news, as are all the coaches and other volunteers.

Before you make plans to visit the Stadium, please note the following important points:

1. IMPORTANT: Before anything else, please ensure your membership is up to date, along with any medical information updates, and emergency contact details: https://membermojo.co.uk/bexleyac/yourmembership. It is vital that you do this as the first step before you train with us.

2. Ensure you have informed your coach that you wish to train, and that they have confirmed a place for you on each occasion.

3. Bring a token (if you have any remaining), or purchase a training pass online before your session: https://membermojo.co.uk/bexleyac/store
This current training pass will cover you for all available sessions up until the end of May.

Upon arrival at the Stadium, all over 16s are required to check in to the venue with the NHS Test and Trace app. Barcodes (QR codes) for this purpose are displayed onsite.

Remember, we are all still living with some necessary restrictions, so you must continue to follow our COVID-19 guidance as outlined on the website at https://www.bexleyac.org.uk/?page_id=7801, and pay particular attention to any instructions from coaches or club officials while you are at the Stadium.

We appreciate your patience, co-operation and understanding while we all work together to get the Club back into full operation. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

John Gates and the Bexley AC Committee