We certainly coloured the borough Orange this weekend as our breakfast run amassed over 500 miles and more importantly, countless mugs of tea and coffee, loaves of bread, squirts of sauce and all other breakfast treats! The weather was great for it and it was amazing to see your stories and pictures coming in throughout the day.

Huge thanks to Brian, who has put together a list of all of your run results here and some of the fantastic pictures on Facebook. Go on and add your own snaps if you haven’t do so yet. Thanks to our coaches for the encouragement and organisation of times and routes, and obviously thanks to all of you that took part, and I hope that later in the year we might attempt to arrange a proper Breakfast Run all together.

So as you read this, perhaps you’re feeling that excitement of getting back out with your group next week. Or maybe not. Both are equally fine and if you do not want to immediately re-join your group, that’s not a problem. I’ve asked your coaches to send out the training plans so that you can continue to train alone – it might be good to let them know if you do choose to follow this option.

For those who are raring to go, then I would ask you to read and be familiar with the COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Club here. You do also need to have purchased your training pass (TP) – as well as having renewed your membership. Tokens will still be accepted if you have them, otherwise a TP is required to attend sessions. I know that most of you have done both now, so thank you for doing this so promptly this year.

I guess this week I’d suggest thinking about what you want from your training over the coming 3-6 months. Is it summer time speed, angling on improving your 5k or 10k times? Are you suffering from severe lockdown blues and just want to get back to social running, with a bit of structure? Perhaps you’ve a race in mind and want to hone your skills to giving it your all. Or maybe you just love being able to turn up, be given the brief and off you go – head first into the session? If you haven’t even thought about what to aim for, we’ll try and give some ideas over the coming months for events that as a Club we can attend. Once race dates start to appear in the calendar, if you have any ideas on local events we can attend – share with your coach or me, and we can start to get Bexley AC in attendance en-masse.

In running you have the chance to challenge yourself, achieve remarkable things and conquer your fears. Your biggest critic is often yourself, so start to become your biggest fan too. Praise yourself, learn from those “bad” runs and once in a while remind yourself that you’re bloody amazing!

I will continue to send out updates once we are back in our groups, but the frequency will lesson to once a month. Any important news will come directly from coaches as they always have done – so thank you for reading these weekly brain dumps and I wish you every success in setting and achieving your 2021 running goals and hope we can all share these together very soon.

Kind regards,
Paul Dallison, Road Running Secretary