Well done to everyone who took part in our Virtual Breakfast Run. Many great performances, and some fantastic looking breakfasts too!
At last count we had a whopping 52 people taking part. Great turnout. Please email us if any results are missing at: 

Some pics of runners (and their breakfasts) are up on our Facebook group. Have fun guessing whose breakfast belongs to each runner!

Alan Doe10.002:15:03
Alan Wright15.002:05:22
Andy Hebb10.001:27:54
Andy Whitnell10.001:49:36
Barry Leaf15.003:05:20
Beata Kubala-Todd10.001:32:21
Betty Ferebee6.201:16:03
Christina Fleetwood15.002:37:54
Corinne Crane15.002:31:06
Denise Peeney10.001:22:57
Eileen Noble6.0
Ellie Bilgin6.401:36:16
Faye Shand10.001:41:42
Glynis Bright6.001:20:20
Graham Holder6.200:59:10
Hannah Buss15.002:38:12
Jane Askew6.001:15:28
Janice Wand10.002:07:13
Jim Faulkner6.000:56:37
John Keane10.202:01:54
Julie Blair6.201:16:03
Karen Winfield6.001:20:19
Kathy Clark6.401:36:16
Kathy Leaf15.003:05:20
Kirsty McEwan3.200:40:43
Liz Lawrence10.002:11:25
Louise Drayton6.801:48:57
Mandy Holder6.001:15:28
Martin Hicks16.002:42:13
Martin Jenner15.002:01:12
Neil Ferebee10.001:37:18
Nicky Butterworth6.001:08:20
Paul Dallison16.102:45:25
Peter Basham16.102:42:36
Ray Ringwood10.101:49:44
Rose Arnold6.901:15:28
Sally Searle6.201:04:00
Sam Ansell6.001:17:59
Santos Diana15.002:19:59
Sarah Dodds6.801:48:57
Simon Wells10.001:10:41
Stephanie Ham15.002:34:19
Steve Lawrence10.001:28:00
Steve Stewart10.001:38:21
Sue Lawrence7.201:12:42
Sylvia Jennings10.002:55:14
Tan Truong11.801:45:31
Thomas Wright15.001:45:16
Tony Johnson15.001:59:03
Tony Warr16.002:42:55
Vicky Ringwood10.201:50:45
Victoria Butterworth6.200:58:16