We’re into a 2 week countdown before hitting the road en-mass. Groups reconvening are what your coaches have been waiting for. Pacing their living rooms, overflowing with positivity and ways to ‘Make Athletics Great Again’ (MAGA – what a catchy slogan, why has no-one ever thought of it before?)

So what do they need from you and what can I give to you in order to get you back up to speed and in the mindset of club running again?

Preparing for your session

  • We do have a page on guidance via the Bexley AC website – please have a read here.
  • It’s always important to check the latest instructions from your coach. WhatsApp is the preferred method for getting instructions out to you.
  • If any additional precautions are requested – these will be made clear to you with adequate time before the session. If you have any symptoms as stipulated by the government advisors, please do not attend the session, notify your coach and keep yourself safe.
  • We’re still going to have darker evenings for the first month or so back, so please wear a bright top or vest on your evening runs.
  • Arrive in time for your session to start promptly at 7pm. Session guidance and any warm-up should include the whole group.

What will the session include – and how does that benefit you?

  • Pre-run briefing – This will explain the session, route and expectations. You will have this at the start of each run, please give the coaches your full attention and listen at this time.
  • Warm-Up – The warm-up is a series of silly exercises that would cause serious embarrassment if filmed and shared with your friends and family. However, they do have a real benefit to ensuring you are in a position to complete the training session fully. Your body temperature and blood flow will be raised, this leads to reduced muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.
  • Training Sessions – You’ll hear a few technical terms or some jargon which isn’t always easy to ask for clarification at the time, so I’ve set up a page here to try and cover some of them here for you, along with what you should gain from them.
  • Cooldown – This can begin simply by slowing yourself down to a very easy pace or a walk following your session to allow blood pressure, temperature and heart rate to return to their normal levels. You should then give yourself a good period of time to easily stretch your muscles while they’re still warm – this helps to reduce lactic acid build up and in turn, reduces your chance of cramps and stiffness. Making it easier to walk the next day!
  • Recover – On the days following a hard or long session, try and mix in alternative methods of exercising (walking, swimming, cycling, etc) to your schedule. This lets you share workload across muscle groups and allows muscles to rest.

Coming up this weekend we have the Breakfast Run on the morning of Sunday 21st March. I’d love to put my email together next week around some of your routes, stories and breakfast ideas! Obviously there is no pressure on speed or start time really, just pick to run 6, 10 or 15 miles – and do take this as an opportunity to run a club arranged virtual session with all of the Road Runners and anyone else from the Club who want to participate. I’d ask you to send in a snapshot to your WhatsApp group of your route map, you (or you and your running buddy) or even of your tasty post run breakfast!

Final point from me – before we get back together, can you please check and update if necessary your Covid-19 status within your membership portal here.

Paul Dallison
Road Running Secretary