Hi all. How is your week going? I know we are still locked down – but perhaps the snow disappearing and a sunny week is just what we needed by way of a change. The slow wait for Boris to give us his roadmap to the future is nearly upon us, we could be able to regroup within a matter of weeks, fingers crossed!

Keeping on top of the admin, we are nearing the end of February and it’s great to see the Road Runners membership renewal numbers creeping up. If you have not had your email through or you are having problems, please let us know. The membership renewal page can be found here.

Talking of month end – Time Trial time! I wonder if we can push over the 40 entries this month. You’ll have your own group route – or please use your own if you can’t travel to your dedicated location. Details and previous results are all on this handy link.
Just let your coach know your time and where you ran once it’s done.

So I think it’s been a tough few weeks recently. We struggled through January only to find February to be colder, darker, wetter and snowier. Motivation and mental strength to get ready and out the door has often been over ruled by cosy sofas, box sets and the odd can of beer. It has for me, I can assure you!

With that in mind, how do I, how could you get the motivation to run solo? I find setting a goal is a good and simple way to concentrate on getting out and training now the weather is improving slightly. The next date in the diary is our virtual breakfast run.

Of course, that is the 21st March and a choice of 6, 10 or 15 miles to conquer. How about setting a mental challenge to meet a new distance, run a new PB or just to finish feeling comfortable? It’s not going to be the same as us all running together and sharing coffee and bacon rolls at the end, but we can try to capture this in spirit.

To get us there, each month we all get our training plans from the coaches, but that’s just words on a page. You really need to imagine them running beside you pushing you up that hill, on that fast stretch or waiting with a hearty well done at the end of your session. Do try to keep following those training schedules and if a 1-2-1 meeting is available with someone else in your group, use it to your advantage.

Whatever you do find as motivation, use it. However you can overcome your personal challenges, physical or mental, do remember that you don’t need to do it alone. Being part of Bexley AC offers you training, support and motivation by trained coaches as well as affiliation with UK Athletics (including your competition licence to represent the club in competitions and free entry to league meetings if you wish to have a go at track and field or cross country); with discounts on sports merchandise from specialist retailers, reduced entry fees to many road running races, discounts on UKA courses, eligibility to participate in league competitions and the annual Club Championships.

A club, a team, a family. Whatever you call it, however you want to be involved with it. There is always someone to talk to and even better than that, someone who will listen and guide you to the support you need.

So get up, shake yourself down and focus. With lots on the horizon, you have every reason to keep looking forward.

Kind regards,
Paul Dallison, Road Running Secretary