It’s late on a Friday afternoon now so I will keep it short this week.

I’d be silly if I didn’t fall onto this topic this week. Running in the snow (or generally any freakish weather, some rules apply across the spectrum). Usual caveat to start, I write from experience and 99% without any scientific backing or advice!

Having read and seen some treacherous stories (and pictures Santos!) from this week, I’ll definitely start by saying to only go if you feel comfortable! Don’t worry about sticking to your training schedule or beating yourself up for that matter if ever you find you might miss a run!

Perhaps try something indoors instead, weather enforced rest or cross training isn’t a bad thing. YouTube has plenty of HIIT sessions (some bloke called Joe Wicks apparently does something or other) or yoga can help you stretch, relax or work on your core. Best of all, you don’t even need kit for a lot of it.

So unless you’re an alpine professional, you rarely get PBs in the snow, so if you do go out, just enjoy it.

Avoid headphones – as well as your own footing, you now need to be aware of what’s going on around you too.

Let someone know you’re going, and maybe the route and expected time. This may go for all runs, but especially in exotic weathers!

Take a phone if you can, running belt or pocket. Helpful if you find the weather worsening and you want to get an Uber home (or have to contact someone in an emergency – will need a mask in an Uber too – something to consider).

Take pictures and share. Always helps to motivate friends if they see how much fun you’re having.

Nothing much going on this week on the office side of the club. Don’t forget to renew your membership if not already done so – contact your coach or the club secretary if you’ve any problems or concerns with that.

Time trial is back in 2 weeks, I wonder what the weather will be like for that. Anyone’s guess at this moment in time.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Kind regards,
Paul Dallison, Road Running Secretary