This month’s Virtual 5k Time Trial was held between Mon 23rd Nov to Thu 26th Nov. Well done to everyone who got out there and ran, and especially to those who were able to improve on last month’s time.


Bexley Village Route (Alan)Nov-20Oct-20
Alan Wright21:18
Brian Crane24:4125:19
Chris Gosden25:0424:00
Chris Leighton27:28
Gill Stewart24:41
Kirsty McEwan25:1424:51
Martin Hicks25:53
Nick Marsden22:45
Nick Winfield24:35
Santos Diana22:37
Simon Wells19:12
Steve Lawrence22:11
Steve Stewart23:55
Tan Truong22:21
Crook Log Route (Steph/Corinne)Nov-20Oct-20
Anita Dobson28:2228:39
Christina Fleetwood28:2128:30
Corinne Crane26:4626:56
Faye Shand28:5529:52
Hannah Buss29:2230:00
Janice Wand31:5930:00
John Keane31:2631:27
Lisa Smith29:19
Liz Lawrence32:3035:01
Mandy Stowell32:1531:54
Nicky Butterworth31:4130:47
Paula Cooper28:38
Ray Ringwood32:0931:08
Stephanie Ham28:2229:42
Steve Jacquest26:2528:38
Steve Stewart24:05
Vicky Ringwood32:0933:04
Pantiles Route (Karen/Mandy)Nov-20Oct-20
Diane Davis33:19
Ellie Bilgin37:26
Glynis Bright38:42
Karen Stewart33:1936:00
Karen Winfield38:4244:50
Kathy Clark36:48
Sylvia Jennings39:3838:53
Individual 5km routesNov-20Oct-20
Andy Whitnell26:5526:37
Barry Leaf30:39
Beata Kubala-Todd27:34
Ellie Bilgin45:08
Gary Wright26:47
Gervace Card19:07
Gill Stewart25:01
Graham Holder29:18
Jane Askew45:06
Jodie Harvey26:41
Kathy Leaf36:14
Mandy Holder33:16
Nick Winfield23:56
Sam Ansell30:31
Sue Lawrence28:56