Lockdown ideas from Alan Wright

Hi all, over the lockdown if you wanted to keep motivated here are some sessions for you to try.

Please remember to follow social distancing rules, tell someone where you are running, wear something bright and take your phone with you. It would be great if you could run with someone for motivation/safety so please do ask someone in the group via 1-1 or in the group chat.

Most of your running should be easy runs but a couple of these per week should be something to push you so you can improve. If you want some suggestions for a session or modification to a session then please ask.

This is all done at your own risk so don’t blame me if you run into a lamp post(!).

Now that it’s getting cold its even more important to warm up so here is a suggestion of some warm up routines.

Dynamic stretching for warming up

Easy run

6-10 miles at a conversation pace. resist the urge to speed up.
This should be done at a conversational pace.

Tempo run

Run comfortably hard but able to sustain the effort. can talk short sentences.
60 minutes with 3 x 8 minute at tempo pace and a 4 min recovery.

Progression run

Slow start…get faster.
15 mins easy pace
15 mins comfortably hard pace
15 mins hard pace.

Hill workout

1-2 mile easy run warmup. 20-25 min x hill sprints and very easy jog back down.
Harder option – increase time or hill gradient.


1 mile warmup
use left or right hand turns for 4-5 mile run
1 mile warmup
2 mins fast, 60 sec recovery

Negative Split

2-3 mile out and back quicker.
helps practice pacing

Progession run.

1.5 miles x 3

Why: In this 10K-specific session, you hold back for the first repeat and then progressively get faster, which helps you learn to fight the tendency to go out too hard.

How: After a 10-min jog and 4 x 50m accelerations, run three 1.5-mile repeats. Run the first repeat slightly slower than 10K goal pace, the second at goal pace and the third slightly faster than goal pace. Recover between each with a three-min slow jog. Cool down for 10

5K time trial

I still plan for us to do the time trial this month so let me know your result if you do it. Again, maybe a good motivator if you can pair up with someone to run this.

Strength training session

This is something which would help us all. I do some strength training and it certainly has helped, especially with getting fewer injuries and improved posture in really tough runs, but I need to vary it a bit. So here is some of what I plan to do. Hopefully this will inspire you to do some too. If you do some already then please share your sessions.

This is a good article with some examples of the exercises to try.

Some follow along sessions on this great channel.


Here are some Garmin maps of some of the routes we have done but feel free to use whats safe and local to you. Please don’t hesitate in asking someone to run with you if you want.

5 mile Erith

5K time trial

10K Danson Park, Blackfen,Sidcup

10K Hall place, Bexleyheath, Crayford, Erith


6 miles Bostall Hill loop

5 miles Earl Haig Fartlek – left hand turns

5 miles Earl Haig, Bostall Heath, Welling

5 miles Erith, Abbey Wood, Lesnes Abbey

5 mile Fartlek – right hand turns

Hospital ills Erith x3

5.4 miles – Lodge hill, Bostall Hill loops

3 miles – negative split – Danson – Avery Hill

4 miles- The Yacht, Latham Rd, Oaklands Rd

5 mile Yacht Pub loop