The monthly Time Trial was reintroduced last week (Tuesday 27th October) with groups meeting separately and running in different locations, to allow for social distancing. This is just one of the changes that has taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to return to this on a monthly basis (lockdown permitting) on the last Tuesday of every month.

This time the weather wasn’t great – it was pretty damp but fortunately the rain stopped raining just in time for the duration of the runs. 29 of our Road Runners took part: 16 of those were in Steph/Corinne’s group, 5 in Karen/Mandy’s group and 9 in Alan’s group.

Alan’s group did their run on a tough undulating course starting and finishing by the War Memorial at Bexley Village. Steve Lawrence set out quite fast and maintained his lead and ran a time of 22.11, Nick Marsden was next in 22.45. There were also strong runs from Steve and Gill Stewart who have only recently joined Alan’s group. Chris Gosden also improved his previous time. Andy Whitnell recorded his run independently.

Steph’s group ran a course which was a 5k loop starting and finishing near the Crook Log Leisure Centre in Bexleyheath. Corinne Crane was the fastest with 26.56 and Christina Fleetwood, Paula Cooper, Steve Jacquest and Anita Dobson followed all very close together with 28.30, 28.38, 28.38 and 28.39.

Mandy’s group ran a course based on loops around the Pantiles in Bexleyheath. Karen Stewart was the fastest with 36.00 and Sylvia Jennings did her 5k in 38.53 which is very good for someone in the over 70 age category. So well done everyone. We are not sure what the month ahead holds in terms of our being able to run in groups, but hopefully it won’t be too long before we can do it again and try and improve those times.

Richard Long

Alan’s group

Steve Lawrence22.11
Nick Marsden22.45
Steve Stewart23.55
Chris Gosden24:00
Nick Winfield24.35
Gill Stewart24.41
Kirsty McEwan24.51
Brian Crane25.19
Andy Whitnell26.37

Stephanie/Corinne’s Group

Corinne Crane26.56
Christina Fleetwood28.30
Paula Cooper28.38
Steve Jacquest28.38
Anita Dobson28.39
Lisa Smith29.19
Stephanie Ham29.42
Faye Shand29.52
Janice Wand30:00
Hannah Buss30.31
Nicky Butterworth30.47
Ray Ringwood31.08
John Keane31.27
Mandy Stowell31.54
Vicky Ringwood33.04
Liz Lawrence35.01

Karen/Mandy’s Group

Karen Stewart36.00
Kathy Clark36.48
Ellie Bilgin37.26
Sylvia Jennings38.53
Karen Winfield44.50