We are constantly reviewing our procedures to ensure the smooth operation of the Club and to help keep everyone safe and compliant with the EA and Government guidelines. As such there are some points we would like to bring to your attention which will require your action:

1. Registration and face coverings (new)
With immediate effect, athletes (and their parents/carers) will be required to wear a face covering as you enter the Stadium and during registration. Once you are with your coach, or seated in the stand, you are free to remove your face covering.

2. Training passes
Some of you are still using your remaining tokens to pay for training sessions, and many have already moved to the training pass system. There will be some of you who choose to ‘pay as you go’ for each session.
To train with us you must have either (i) a training pass (purchased online), (ii) a green/orange token or (iii) a ‘day pass’ purchased on arrival at the stadium (using contactless card payment).

3. Pre-booking of sessions
Please do not arrive for training unless your coach is expecting you. You must always register your attendance when you arrive at the Stadium, even if there is a queue (you are advised to arrive a few minutes early if possible). Registration is mandatory for all athletes and coaches. We appreciate your patience.

4. Sunday training
As with Tuesday and Thursday training, all training on Sunday mornings must be pre-booked with your coach. On arrival at the Stadium you must register with your coach, or at the check-in desk (on Sundays the check-in desk is by the clubhouse). Registration is mandatory for all athletes and coaches.

We would like to thank you all again for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to adapt to our new circumstances. Your adherence to the guidelines has been a key factor in enabling the Club to continue to operate.