A message from Paul Dallison

I am starting with a huge “Thank You” to Alan Wright, who for the past few years has been our Road Running Secretary and has done an amazing job. However, due to other commitments, Alan has now handed the baton over to me and I hope to do you all proud as the committee have welcomed me into the role.

Many of you already either know me, or know of me but just as a very brief introduction I first joined Bexley AC in 2012 when I met some of the coaches and runners at the opening of Bexley parkrun – where I am currently the Event Director. Since then I have seen Bexley AC evolve and mature with changes to the teams and members, and I am very proud to now be stepping onto the Committee at Bexley AC.

I am always open to new ideas and you can contact me via email, social media, or why not try the old fashioned way and we can have an actual chat (where social distancing restrictions allow)! It will take a little time for me to find my feet in the new role, but don’t let that stop you contacting me – it just might take a while to come back with an answer!

Bexley AC Time Trial.
For those thinking I was referring to Alan in the subject line as “something old” – it was nothing of the sort! I was talking about the Bexley AC Club Time Trial. It is back – but not as we know it.

In order to try and bring back a little normality to the Road Running groups, your coaches are all arranging their own group 5k time trials on the last Tuesday of each month – to begin this month on October 27th. Afterwards the coaches will collect your individual results and these will be magically transformed into a time trial results table by Richard. T&F groups are also invited to take part with their own 5k routes if they wish.

Please remember that as all evening training sessions are now occurring in the dark, BRIGHT clothes are a necessity when out on the streets. This is for your own safety and coaches may ask you to wear a reflective bib if they see fit.

All that remains is for me to thank each and every one of you for your adherence to modified regulations at this time, to the coaches for their on-going amazing work and I hope that I can do as good a job as my predecessor going forward.

Have a great week,