During COVID-19 restrictions the following arrangements will apply:

  • All places will need to be pre-booked ahead of the next Sunday session using the following e-mail address – .
    Please do not come to the stadium if you have not booked a place as we will not be able to offer training.
  • The clubhouse will not be open, Tigers will need to bring their own refreshments, including water.
  • Parents/carers will be expected to stay at the stadium, regardless of the child’s age, and be responsible for taking them to the toilet.
  • Parents/children will not be able to follow children around the stadium but should remain in the stands.

Thank for your patience and understanding while we adapt to these new circumstances and ensure we return to training keeping all our athletes and volunteers as safe as possible

We look forward to seeing you at the stadium. If you have any queries please contact us at the email address above.