Report courtesy of Richard Long

40 runners from the club uploaded their results, hope those who took part enjoyed their runs. There were some pretty good performances.

Highlights included storming runs from members of Denise’s coaching group. Mitchell Horne went sub 16 with 15.57 closely followed by Ted and Jack Higgins in 16.07 and 16.17. Regan Thomas in the same coaching group was next. Fifth fastest was our U13 star cross country runner from last winter Alex Ogilwy who ran a time of 18.21.

Paul Collier who is in the over 50 age category was next in 18.33. There were strong runs from Jon Fish and Simon Wells, and also from Alan Wright and Tan Truong.

First female runner was Rebecca Miah in 22.53 closely followed by Beata Kubala Todd.

Fine run also from Nick Winfield who is over 60 in 23.49. Throws specialist Graham Holder ran his 5K in 31.07.

Training partners over 75 Sylvia Jennings and over 85 Eileen Noble did their 5K in 45.23.

Wendy Prowse just starting to train again after the birth of her baby last year ran 22.53 but didn’t manage to upload her result.

So well done everyone, we may do this again next month instead of the club time trial if we are not back at the club by then. So keep training and see if you can go faster then.

Also next month Harvel Harriers are going to do their popular 5 mile race virtually, you can find details of this on their website.

Thank you to Alan who organised the run with Open Track.

Full results

Mitchell Horne 15.57
Ted Higgins 16.07
Jack Higgins 16.17
Regan Thomas 17.59
Alexander Ogilwy 18.21
Paul Collier 18.33
Jon Fish 18.46
Simon Wells 18.52
Luke Francis 19.49
Alan Wright 21.01
Tan Truong 21.01
Martin Hicks 22.09
Rebecca Miah 22.53
Beata Kubala Todd 23.14
Nicholas Winfield 23.49
Denise Peeney 24.26
Jim Faulkner 24.27
Gill Stewart 24.30
Paul Dallison 24.34
Brian Crane 24.53
Kirsty McEwan 25.11
Chris Gosden 25.28
Tony Warr 25.46
Rose Arnold 26.05
Andy Whitnell 26.23
Corinne Crane 26.35
Steve Stewart 26.47
Stephen Lawrence 27.52
Dave Winfield 28.40
Christina Fleetwood 29.42
Faye Shand 29.50
Graham Holder 31.07
Stephanie Ham 32.00
Alan Doe 32.39
Sue Lawrence 32.41
Jenny Martin 32.49
Chris Leighton 32.56
Amanda Holder 34.17
Sylvia Jennings 45.23
Eileen Noble 45.23