In previous years, Bexley AC has been awarded two places for entry into the London Marathon. There is no guarantee for 2020. We do not yet know if we will receive any places this year, or how many, but the current plan is as follows.

The Club Ballot for the 2020 London Marathon places will be drawn at the Club AGM in December. As before there will be two draws for qualifying members:

  1. London Marathon virgins – qualifying members who have never run the London Marathon before
  2. All other qualifying members

To qualify, the rules are:

  1. You must be a ‘First Claim’ Club member (i.e. Bexley AC is your main/primary club)
  2. You must have represented the Club in at least 3 races in a Bexley AC vest since the last London Marathon – 28 April 2019
  3. You must have entered the public ballot for the 2020 London Marathon, and have been rejected from this year’s ballot
  4. You must not have received a Club Ballot place last year

If you would like to enter the Club Ballot draw, please:

  • Print off / retain your evidence of rejection. This can be a personalised rejection email or a rejection magazine envelope with your name on
  • Include the names of the 3 races you have participated in since 28 April 2019
  • Indicate which draw (A or B above) you wish to enter

This must be handed to Alan Wright at the Club by Tuesday 5th November 2019.

More info and confirmation of places will be announced as we receive news from the organisers. Good luck everyone!

Alan Wright
Road Running Secretary