For all members attending Erith Stadium, please pay attention to the following safety reminder:-

Erith Stadium – infield

To minimise risk of serious injury, please could all coaches and athletes ensure that nobody walks across the infield at the stadium whilst throwing is in progress. Throwing groups will use cones and signs to mark the throwing area and a horn or whistle will be blown before each throw.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that throwing can be carried out safely, and that no one enters the coned off area, as implements will be landing there.


Track etiquette

Whilst on the track please warm up on the outside and look before you cross the track.  If you hear the word ‘track’ being called by a faster runner or group, please move out of the way as soon as possible if safe to do so.  If it is too late to move please raise your hand and remain in your lane so that the oncoming athletes can avoid you.


Bexley AC Committee