Bexley A.C. has two track and field teams competing in the Southern Counties Masters Athletics League. There are also many Masters competing in Road running and Cross country events. Bexley also has masters competing in marathons, national and Kent track and field competitions and many other events. Bexley A.C. also boasts former national champions. Please look at our section on Becoming a Master Athlete (below)

Rogues Gallery

John Stevens and Chris Pates

Notices Results and Successes.

Please text any results and successes or good quality pictures to John Stevens 07710751440

Chris Pates and John Stevens competed at the recent National Masters event at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. John picked up a Silver in the Men’s Weights Pentathlon but Chris went one better with a Gold in the women’s Heptathlon.

Last year The Men’s track and field team was promoted to the Kent first division whilst the Ladies retained their first division status.

The next Track and field league match is in April 2016

There is a national indoor masters competition at Lee Valley 12-13th march 2016.

Becoming a Master Athlete

Competition amongst Masters is fierce but friendly and many lasting friendships come from competing locally and nationally. Masters Athletics also enables athletes to extend their career and their competitive nature indefinitely. Currently our club president Tony Garrett is our oldest competing male athlete both he and our oldest female competitor are over 70! (Discretion does not allow me to name the female).

Masters Athletics requires no membership other than age. Once an athlete is 35 years of age they are automatically classified as a master and eligible to be considered for any masters’ trophy or award. Masters athletics is worldwide and there are world records for masters in every athletics event such as those described above.

Masters competitions take into account the advancing years of its athletes and make divisions within the competition so that age does not rule out success. For example a 50 year old women will be classifies W50 whilst a 65 year old man will be M65. For more information go to:

Track and Field

Bexley has both a male and female track and field Masters teams. They compete in the Kent section of the Southern Masters league. As such they compete against Kent teams as Ashford and as near as Dartford.

Both teams are managed currently by John Stevens     

Road running and other athletic events.

There is no formal organisation for athletes in these areas but informally Bexley is well represented by Masters.

Future Developments

Masters Athletics is growing a fast pace. This section of the website will feature both results and pictures of Bexley Masters. I should like to hear from any Master who has been successful in any sphere of Masters Athletics.  Masters athletes are encouraged to become a member of a masters’ athletic club such as SCVAC   or VAC Both clubs retain the old name for masters i.e. veterans in their club title.