Coaching Groups


Social Group

This group is lead by Roger Smith a Leader in Running Fitness. This group caters for runners mostly  who can comfortably run 3 miles prior to joining. New members are often in the 40/50 plus age group with little previous running experience who want to reach and maintain a good level of general fitness . Dependant on age and ability some will wish to reach a certain level and remain there and others will wish to improve speed and stamina and move to a more challenging running group. More able members are encouraged to represent Bexley AC in inter club ,charity races ,and cross country events up to 10k distances.

Our sessions are varied and include regular 5/6 mile steady runs, fartleks and hill and sprint sessions. During summer months we run regular sessions off road in local parks and woods to vary our programme.

 Improvers Group

Lead coach: Karen Winfield 

Assistant coach:  Jane Corbett 

Welcome to Bexley AC. We are the coaches for the improvers group – this group is for you if you can run 3 miles and are aiming to run a 10k between 50 – 70 mins. Our aim is for you to achieve your running goals with a bit of enjoyment along the way! We are both experienced UKA trained coaches. Our main focus is 10ks but our training on Tuesdays and Thursdays provides a good basis for any distance from parkrun to marathon. We also organise Sunday runs from the clubhouse which we adapt depending upon your running goals. What can you expect from us?  A chat through of what you want to achieve, training that improves your speed and endurance, advice and schedules on additional training you may need to do (depending upon your goals) and a friendly welcome to our group.  We look forward to seeing you.

Progression Group 

Lead by Kevin Angel Level 2 Endurance Coach assisted by Phil Brown Leader in Running Fitness. Training sessions include Intervals, hills, threshold and steady runs up to 6 miles. Pace is between 8:30 and 10:30 minute miles.


Event Group

Taken by Pete Griffiths Level 2 Endurance Coach and Jon Hunter Coach in Running Fitness. Both Pete and Jon have many years of running, racing and coaching experience which they enjoy sharing. This is quite a hard working group who enjoy racing and train four times a week or more. Training is targeted at all energy systems and includes track, fartlek, intervals, threshold runs, hills and steady runs up to 7 miles the average session lasts about an hour including warm up. This group can often spilt into two with pace between  7:00 – 9:00 minute miles. 


Marathon Group

My qualifications are a level 2 coach, experience and background is with endurance running. I ran myself to a reasonable club/county standard on the track, cross country and road. I believe I am able to coach from 800 up to marathon.

I support the training and coaching based on the ideas of Arthur Lydiard. He advocated runners first of all building a good base and then adding strength and speed before coming to a peak for the race they want to run well in.

I currently have a small group of runners who have been interested in doing a marathon, however they also do some shorter distance road, cross country and track. We had some good results last spring and the three runners who ran the marathon ran between 3.08 and 3.23 this included Wendy who ran 3.17 and is now a vet. They have been doing some track races this summer with some good results.

I also coach Tom who has just become a senior runner, I have been coaching Tom for the last 5/6 years. Last summer Tom won the Kent Senior 5k track championships and equalled the club record for 5k that has stood for 30 years. Tom has also been running well at 10K and cross country.

I am interested in coaching any athlete who is keen to improve. I enjoy being able to help athletes to improve gradually through consistent sensible training.

Rich Long