Grand Prix 2017

Road Running Competitions 2017

This year sees a slightly different format to the Road Running Competitions for 2017 as you will see from the list below it is now split in to three competitions rather than two with a new Trail Running Grand Prix Trophy and there will be a new handicap system for the 10k Challenge, more details will follow on this.

The scoring will also be slightly different with only the best 4 races to score in each competition.

Scoring system

10 points are awarded to the first Bexley athlete, 9 points for second etc.

Gun time race position will be used to calculate points, not Chip Times. *

All finishing athletes awarded a minimum of 1 point.

Any athlete not completing 4 races will be removed and any points allocated below them in the points table will be reallocated.

*Marathon points will be allocated on chip times of combined April Marathon results.

Note competing in a Marathon of 20-mile race is it is no longer a prerequisite to eligibility to the Road Running Grand Prix.

10k Challenge will be a Handicap system TBC 

Road Running Grand Prix

6 races best 4 score

Canterbury 10 Mile 22nd Jan 10am £19 GP

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon 19th Feb GP

Dartford Half Marathon 12th March GP

Spring Marathon (April) Marathon GP

Another – TBC

Tonbridge Half Marathon Oct 1st

10k Challenge  

 6 races best 4 to score with handicap

Whitstable 10k Monday 1st May

Orpington 10k June TBC

Herne Bay 10k July TBC

Pride 10k Aug 12th TBC

Bridge 10k  24th Sept

Petts wood 10k Oct TBC

Trail Running Grand Prix

 6 races best 4 to score

Vigo 10 Feb 12th £17

Harvel 5  3rd June 2017

Northdowns 30k 25th June 2017

Joydens Wood 5k July 2017

Seven Oaks 7 August TBC

Eridge 10 Sept 2017