Dear All

We have three dates for the Kent Young Athlete’s league, the first is at Ashford on the 15th April, 2nd at Norman Park on the 4th June & the final at home on the 1st July.
This year 3 of us are running the teams again myself, & Tony Garret and Ellen Brown.
We hope to get not just the best teams out (Girls & Boys are both in Div 1) but get all our youngsters involved in wearing the orange vest, developing a great team sprit and building the confidence of these boys and girls (our future). Who can compete? well every under 13 & 15 who are club members -we need you all.

I hope to give out info in the next few days about times etc, but we would appreciate if all coach’s prime their under 13’s & 15’s athletes to compete on the 15th and let us know who is available and what they wish to do.

Full event details are on the Kent web site

We will book a coach just for this match (Ashford) . It will be £5 a seat – times at present 10.00 in the normal place. Parents are most welcome, reminder that athletes will need food and drink and suitable clothing/footwear, plus the Bexley running vest with black shorts. (our Orange vest can be purchased at the club) help from officals and coaches on this day greatfully accepted.
Don’t forget to campain for that sixth olympic ring (ORANGE)
best wishes

Kevin Winch